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As an openly poly person in a committed relationship, I frequently get approached by well-meaning acquaintances who have burning but presumptuous questions about how my relationship works.They can get repetitive, and they definitely get annoying. One in five Americans are or have been in a non-monogamous relationship or a polyamorous one.Poly relationships can be structured a number of different ways, but the classic example is that of a committed couple who are allowed to date other people on the side. Come to a local Polyamory Meetup to meet other supporters of multipartner relationships and families.Talk about open relationships, polyfidelity, honesty, respect and alternate forms of commitment. 'I basically want to attract attention to the lifestyle and show people that it is an acceptable choice.'Polyamorous couples and swingers have been in the spotlight in recent years, with shows including Showtime's reality series Polyamory: Married & Dating, which first premiered in 2012, and A&E's controversial new reality Neighbors With Benefits, which was canceled after two episodes, bringing the concept of various types of open relationships to American's living rooms.

The site for 'ethical cheaters, which launched yesterday, is not a place for 'hook-ups' but rather it is an outlet for those who are part of the new wave of non-monogamous relationships.I worried about whether my partners would get along, or whether one of them would feel neglected.We know that working on relationships can take up a great deal of time and energy.Communication is also crucial for a poly relationship.If something feels wrong, we are encouraged to honestly approach our partners and discuss it.