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When you share with friends you are single, how many of them turn into instant match-makers, saying things like: “Oh I have the perfect person for you” or “You just need to put yourself out there more – it will happen!

This is particularly if you have reached a certain age and don’t have someone attached to your arm.

”Underneath these kinds of remarks, there is an implication that somehow you must be unhappy and by extension – flawed.

Never mind the fact that according to research, nearly 47% of the population is unmarried!

Thus, I am well aware that gender is a performance very much bound up in sexuality and am not very concerned with the level of “heterosexual masculinity” being emitted by whomever I am dating.

Sometimes I reason that perhaps my romantic relationships with these gay men are strong evidence for the fluidity of sexuality.

While following the map to a suggested date spot you can simultaneously chat with your new gay friend..One of the greatest forms of procrastination is Tumblr. Then my eyes widened and I thought, “that’s my beautiful gay ex-boyfriend.”Those closest to me know that I have a pretty impressive track record of dating guys that eventually come to realize their sexual orientation is one that favors other men.During midterms, I was on a Tumbling spree and happened upon the Homotography Tumblr page. Two of them have been male models, and one was just a Buddhist chap from San Francisco, who I would describe as “cute.” Many women are horrified by my ability to joke about my history of dating gay men and the fact that I’m not particularly bitter about it.Go walk over to the card section at your local pharmacy and you’ll see exactly what I mean.If that’s not enough, flip on your television and you’ll eventually come across entire television networks reinforcing the “relationship” message.