Dating the recovering alcoholic

We met again over a year ago while both going through a divorce.

Both of us had already filed prior to this meeting.

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This page has been written to give you the information and advice you need to cope with living with an alcoholic.

I am not saying it will be easy but, armed with the information here, I hope you will be able to make choices about the situation you are in. Then you might just be allowing them to continue with their drinking? Well, I've said and done a lot of stupid things during my life as an alcoholic. Read my page on enabling to find out more about how you may well be encouraging your loved one to drink(albeit unconsciously).

Also be sure to read about the personality of an alcoholic.Click on the links contained within the headlines to learn more about that specific topic. Some people who live with an alcoholic get addicted to that person.YES, you heard me right, they GET ADDICTED to the alcoholic in their lives. That is they depend on them to feel good about themselves. : If the alcoholic is in a bad mood so is the codependent. For more on this topic read codependency in relationships.Obvious they may be, but they can never be overemphasized.Be it a teen alcoholic, partner, parent or grandparent - life does not run smoothly with an alcohol dependent.