Consolidating system

In part, they place a share of the blame to consolidation among providers and insurers. In the following years, hospitals have been steadily biting the dust with 5,627 standing in 2016.AHA currently identifies 5,564 registered hospitals. While the total number of hospitals has dropped, for-profit hospitals are on the rise.Automate consolidation tasks like eliminations and currency translations.Health-system consolidation, both vertical and horizontal, is occurring at an unprecedented pace, with no indication of slowing in the near future.Spring is in the air and that can only mean one thing: the sweet smell of continued hospital merger and acquisition activity.This week alone saw Tenet announcing the sale of three acute care hospitals to HCA Holdings alongside CHS completing the sale of nine hospitals.And he is recommending consolidating CSCU’s 12 community colleges into a single, centrally managed organization.Taken together, the two moves are intended to save an estimated million annually.

Regulators and critics of health system consolidation are concerned that the current trends are also aimed at decreasing competition and increasing negotiation leverage with payers, which will lead to higher costs and a decrease in the quality of care.

Ojakian, a former chief of staff for Democratic Governor Dannel P.

Malloy, is credited with helping to craft the merger that created CSCU in the first place.

Still, the number of nonprofit community hospitals and state and local community hospitals has declined.

Data Source: AHA Admissions aren't faring any better. Between 20, admissions for small hospitals fell while admission for large hospitals rose.