Accommodating special needs students in classrooms

Some emotional support students are severely withdrawn and we find ourselves desperately trying to bring them out of their shells.Others are overly energetic or aggressive, leaving us scrambling to manage their behaviors so it doesn’t disrupt the learning of their classmates. Without the proper support, it can also be intimidating.These strategies can also be helpful to other students in the class.Many students with AD/HD can benefit from classroom based adaptations and support throughout their school years.The strategies presented in this section may assist teachers to minimize their frustration and maximize the students' ability to learn.

We often focus on how to best accommodate our students with learning support needs, but when we welcome a student with emotional support needs into our classroom, it can really turn everything upside down.

These students are not "out to get" the teacher, although it may feel that way to the teacher during a stressful day at school.

Teachers need to be responsive to the educational strengths and needs of individual students to ensure that appropriate expectations are established.

When it is impossible, even with revision, to make a test question accessible, the Department will revise, delete or replace the item.

When this occurs the Department provides special instructions for scoring the affected Braille edition. What types of accommodations are permitted for a student with a visual impairment who is unable to see specimens/objects or see through a microscope during science labs?